Introducing the band

On Drums: Jason Noffsinger


My first recollections of playing drums go back to the fourth grade as a friend and I were looking to get out of class. At the time music was offered only to grades 4-6Th. That didn't last long as the music teacher couldn't tolerate us "class cutters". In the seventh grade I studied guitar for a very brief time but relocated to a another school district not offering guitar but that same year I bought my first drum set and formed my first garage band with some friends from my former school.

Upon acquiring that first drum set my mother arranged for private lessons. She had studied music performance in college and was a natural to nurture such an endeavor. She played trombone. Whereas I found many drummers and musicians to be of inspiration, my mother will always make the top of the list.

Where I didn't try out for school funded bands during my Junior and High School days, I concentrated on various after school garage rock bands in and around the San Francisco Bay Area playing at parties and local clubs. In college as a non-music major I took the chance to study in a small jazz combo performance class with 99% music majors and myself, an undergraduate in History! Six years after college and a four year break from drumming I joined the percussion section with the Ohlone Concert Band. A year or two later I joined the Pleasanton Community Concert Band and gained more valuable playing experience. I left that band in the Summer of 2006 in relocating to Arizona. I'm currently a member of the Tucson Concert Band and a few of its' satellite bands.