Introducing the band

On Tenor Sax: Mark Fulcher


Mark was born in Tonawanda, New York, to a typically mobile Air Force family. He attended three high schools, two of them here in Tucson- one year at Palo Verde HS, and then two years at Canyon del Oro HS. His first musical instrument (junior high) was his brother's old clarinet, but he switched to sax and progressed through the saxophones, from baritone to tenor to alto as he progressed up the grades, playing whichever instrument the band director said was needed.

Mark attended the University of Arizona for several years, majoring in Music Education, but decided to make a change and enlist in the Air Force in the field of computers. He kept up his favorite hobby of music throughout his Air Force career, playing sax for parties, singing in the karaoke bars in Okinawa, and playing hand bells for church. Eight years of Mark's Air Force career was in service to the White House Communications Agency, which supplies secure communications to the President of the United States.

Upon retiring from the Air Force, Mark joined the Tucson Concert Band for a few years. From meeting the members there, he then joined the Rhythm Gang (Big Band), and then, The Retro Swing Seven, playing first alto for many years and now tenor. He has filled in on alto or tenor for Big Band Sounds in Green Valley. Mark does an occasional vocal for the Retro Swing Seven and even finds time to sing first tenor with the choir at Mount Olive Lutheran Church. Mark's wife, Robin, is a teacher at Magee Middle School.