Photos of the Band

April 23, 2014, CDR Senior Prom

March 9, 2013, AZ State Vet Home

NY2012 Fellowship Square

Senior Prom CDR, Patty, April 18, 2012

Senior Dance CASAS Church March 31 2012

Patty at Tuc Mall fashion show

Fasion Show at Tuc Mall

St Pat's Party at CDR 2012

New Year's Eve 2011, Far Horizons Photo

North Swan Baptist Church, Sept 2011Photo

Trails West July 3, 2010 Photo

Campana Del Rio April 28, 2010 Photo

Tucson Estates II Feb 27 2010 Photo

2009 New Year Photo

Far Horizons, Dec 19, 2009

Far Horizons, March 21, 2009

2008 New Year Photo

Oracle State Park Photo

Birthday Party Photo

2007 New Year  Photo

Block Party Photo

Pima Fair Curtain Call Photo

New Year Curtain Call Photo

2005 New Year Photo

2004 New Year Photo

2002 New Year Photo

Fountains Oct 31 2008 Photo